Greek Orthodox Youth Association

The St. Demetrios GOYA is about 15 member from grades 7-12 and new members are always welcome!
They are involved in many things around the community such as:

  • Chanting or being in the sanctuary at church
  • Helping with activities for JOY
  • Visiting nursing homes to Greek dance and entertain
  • Meeting up with Michael (see below) once a month
  • MBC camp
  • Greek dancing at the annual festival each summer

In Church

GOYA has all their kids involved during services. Many boys go inside the sanctuary to help as alter boys while many girls and boys help at the chanters stand to lead the services. Having them learn at a young age is extremely important to our church and helps the kids know the practices of the Orthodox Church. They also learn responsibility and leadership skills while praising God.

Helping JOY

During Vacation Church School this summer some members helped with teaching the younger kids in JOY to chant traditional Byzantine music. They also helped keep the kids in check and have fun with them as well!

Nursing Homes

GOYA has gone to nursing homes to dance for the elderly and introduce them to a new culture. If they can’t come to the festival we bring it to them! It is not only rewarding to the residents but even more so to the kids.

Michael and Retreats

Michael, a seminarian from Holy Cross in Boston, MA has come up several times to talk with the teenagers one on one about their faith. We try to do a Saturday and Sunday once a month unless other events such as MBC camp come up. The kids really enjoy this as a time to hag out with peers and learn about what it really means to be an Orthodox Christain.

MBC Camp

Most of the members from GOYA have been to the MBC Camp and have enjoyed meeting new people of all races but from the same religion. The friends made at camp truly are life-long. MBC summer camp is for ages 8-18 with fall and winter camp being for GOYA age (7-12 grade) only. The website for MBC Camp is

Greek Dancing

This year GOYA not only performed at our own Greek Festival but also went to Lewiston, ME to give our services. We performed sever traditional Greek Dances and even asked people to join us at the end for Kalamatiano! The Greek Dancing is not only for GOYA but their is a JOY group as well. They are both lead by Kristina Arabatzis. Feel free to email her if you have any questions!

Greek Festival

The teenagers in GOYA are very active in helping with the festival. Months prior they practice for their performances during the three-day weekend. They then help set-up and run different stands during the festival such as the kids area, the kitchen and everyone’s favorite the pastries. After the festival many stay to clean up as well. Many hours are put into this weekend and GOYA helps as much as they can.